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Professional Lead Paint Removal

Whilst lead paint removal is something that people can usually carry out themselves following UK Government guidelines, there may be people who are concerned about tackling the task themselves. In this case they may wish to employee a company to carry out for Professional Lead Paint Removal.

Lead paint can be found on various parts of older buildings, especially buildings built prior to the 1960s. It can be found on window frames, pipework, walls, skirting boards and anywhere that paint may have been used in decoration. It has been prevalent in hospitals in the past.

The toxins from lead paint can be released if the paint is chewed, swallowed or inhaled. Toxins may be released if the paint is heated over 40 degrees centigrade.


Professional Lead Paint Removal

If you are concerned about tackling lead paint removal yourself, we provide a professional lead paint removal service. Our operatives can safely remove the paint using specialist safety equipment, insuring the risk of lead paint is safely eradicated from your property for good.