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Hazardous Waste Removal

Absolute Asbestos Solutions Ltd carry out Hazardous Waste Removal across the UK. We are a licensed Upper Tier Carrier Dealer and are licensed to carry hazardous materials including asbestos and chemicals. You can easily check our license on the Environment Agency website.

From asbestos litter picking from large areas to installing special membranes to protect against further ingress from hazardous materials, we can manage projects of any scale.

In addition we can also arrange the removal of hazardous materials or contaminated soil to various waste handling sites across the UK.

The carriage of hazardous goods must be carried out by a licensed waste carrier and it is an offence for any person(s) to transport such goods without the proper licence. Failure to observe the law may result in Prohibition Notices being issued and in some cases you may be prosecuted by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) or the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and fined up to £5000.


Hazardous Waste Removal Example: Marconi Site, Chelmsford

With this contact, Absolute Asbestos Solutions Ltd removed 8-tonnes of asbestos cement debris from an 800m3 of soil to a maximum depth of 1m to remove all visible asbestos debris as far as practicable in a forensic manner. Soil was be stock piled by an excavator in 80m3 piles ready for testing and removal from site in a segregated area. We supplied and laid specialist hi-vis Terram (a special membrane) to the excavated area – the hi-vis Teram acts as a barrier for anyone digging down in the future as this will highlight where the contaminated soil recommences below the 1m line.

Background and personal air monitoring was carried out sporadically throughout the process and removed contaminants to below 0.01% levels.

800m3 of the non-hazardous stock piled soil was spot-tested prior to removal from site. Samples were taken to equate to one every 80m3 pile resulting in 10 samples being sent to the laboratory. The soil was classed as non-hazardous and removed from the site.