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Demolition Services

Absolute Asbestos Solutions Ltd provide a range of demolition services including:

Soft Strip

Soft Strip demolition involves removing all non-structural materials from the inside inside and outside of a building to facilitate demolition, refurbishment or re-modelling works. The process is usually carried out using hand, mechanical and electrical techniques, and is often a crucial part of major refurbishment projects where a total demolition is not required. Learn more about our soft strip demolition services.


Demolition and Dismantling

Absolute Asbestos Solutions Ltd has experience with all scopes of demolition, dismantling and deconstruction.

We are trusted by our clients to liase with all stakeholders to compose safe methods and evaluate any structure to be demolished, dismantled or deconstructed; whilst protecting the surrounding area from noise, dust and vibration.

Our areas of expertise include:

– Factories and all industrial units
– Office and residential tower and low-rise blocks
– Dangerous structures
– Partial demolition of listed properties with retained facades
– Schools, theatres, churches and hospitals
– Defence and other high security facilities


Site Clearance

Absolute Asbestos Solutions Ltd prides itself on being able to put together the most cost effective packages for client with regards to clearance of vegetation, burnt out or fire damaged buildings and hazardous waste.

During the tender process our Estimators pay particular attention to waste and aim to recycle 98% of waste during any site clearance project.


Concrete Cutting

Absolute Asbestos Solutions Ltd are able to offer clients a concrete cutting service. Whether is be diamond sawing, concrete bursting or concrete chasing.

We have used concrete cutting to demolish many high-rise structures including staircases, chimneys and during the cut an carve process of many structures.


Demolition Project Consultancy

Our project consultancy team offer a range of cost effective services which can be adapted to suit any project in any environment, no matter how small, large or complex.

Early engagement with Absolute Asbestos Solutions Ltd’s consultancy team ensures all parties benefit from inception of the project to completion.

Our highly experience team comprises of estimators, engineers and planners.

Our team off the following services:

– Temporary works design
– Installation of temporary works
– Service disconnections or diversions
– Neighbour liaison
– Preparation of construction phase Health and Safety plans
– Demolition plans of works
– Intensive and intrusive investigations of any structure
– Undertake demolition and refurbishment surveys
– Liaison and handover to principle contractors
– Environmental monitory of dust, noise and vibration from pre-commencement to completion

For further details on how we can assist please contact the team today.