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Are you managing asbestos correctly?

Managed correctly Asbestos Containing Materials provide no health risk. However, if not managed correctly there is a risk that people could be exposed to asbestos fibres which can lead to diseases such as mesothelioma developing in later life. This article aims to help you discover if you are managing asbestos correctly and also where you can get professional asbestos surveys carried out.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 means that anyone who owns or occupies a non-domestic property could have an asbestos management survey conducted and implement a plan to protect people from exposure to asbestos fibres. This could be you if you’re responsible for the maintenance of a building such as a business premises, hospital, warehouse, office or school.

Any materials suspected of containing asbestos must be assumed as hazardous until proper testing can confirm otherwise. Asbestos can be found in many different forms including roofing, insulation, ceiling tiles, water tanks, sewage pipes, toilet cisterns, roof tiles, doors and many other products.

Although having an asbestos survey carried conducted isn’t always a legal requirement, a Dutyholder does have a legal obligation to ensure that they are managing asbestos correctly.


How we can help to ensure you are managing asbestos correctly

Absolute Asbestos Solutions Ltd provide Management Surveys, sampling & testing, asbestos removal and (where necessary) demolition services to the public and private sector. We are fully licensed by the Health & Safety Executive for asbestos removal, licensed by the Environment Agency to transport asbestos waste and also accredited by the British Standards Institution; ensuring that we continually monitor and manage quality across our company.

Free quotations

We provide free quotations* for anyone who believes that they may have asbestos within their property and are unsure of the best way to remove the products or make them safe.

To speak to someone regarding our full range of asbestos solutions, please call us on 01206 23 33 53 and someone will be happy to advise you further or visit your premises, if required.

*Free quotations are based on customer supplying information via post or email. A callout charge may apply but will always be discussed prior to any visit.


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