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Professional Bird Dropping Removal

Bird Dropping RemovalOur Professional Bird Dropping Removal service removes the risk of contracted disease from bird waste. Bird droppings, in particular pigeon and bat droppings, can contain very toxic diseases including Histoplasmosis (an infectious fungus which is potentially fatal if spread throughout the body) and Psittacosis (an infection caused by Chlamydia psittaci which can cause serious respiratory problems in humans). There is also the risk of E.coli being transmitted to humans from bird droppings.


Professional Bird Dropping Removal prevents further damage

Bird droppings also contain chemicals which can burn paint and timber.

Bird droppings are classed as a biological hazard by the Health & Safety Executive and therefore professional bird dropping removal should always take place under controlled conditions.

In addition to the risk of infection, bird faeces can cause damage to structural elements of buildings as acids contained within the droppings can weaken materials such as timbers and metals. Bird droppings can also become slippery when wet which may result in litigation against a building owner should someone slip and injured themselves.


Safe Professional Bird Dropping Removal across the UK

Bird droppings should be removed by trained personnel, and it is particularly important that the correct PPE is worn to protect against any diseases or accidents. Specialist chemicals are then used to removal the faeces and then leave the area clean and sterile. The waste produced must then be disposed of in a safe manner. In addition, our service includes full COSSH and RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement).


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