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Asbestos Sampling for a House Sale or Purchase

It’s becoming increasingly common for people to request asbestos sampling for a house sale or purchase. Due to this increased demand, Absolute Asbestos Solutions offer an asbestos testing service for purchasers and vendors.

Mortgage surveyors generally note the risk of asbestos containing materials on a survey, and it may be that your solicitors have advised you to obtain a survey or have analysis carried out on the suspected asbestos continuing materials before your exchange contracts on a property. This is to protect your investment; the last thing anyone wants it to buy a property and find it is full of asbestos.

The options available are as follows:

Testing of specific areas

If the mortgage surveyor has identified exactly where they believe asbestos may be present, we can visit and take a sample of the specific item. This is then tested in an independent laboratory and you are provided with a certificate of results, confirming what was found and the type of asbestos present.


Management Survey

In the case where a surveyor is unable to pinpoint specific areas where asbestos may be present, it is recommended to have an asbestos management survey carried out. This type of survey will identify areas where asbestos is believed to be present and these are recorded on a written survey of the property.

Please note: We can only take samples from a property with the homeowners written permission.