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Soft Strip Demolition

Soft Strip DemolitionAbsolute Asbestos Solutions Ltd provide a range of soft strip demolition services to all types of client for any size project. Soft strip is carried out using hand, mechanical and electrical techniques.

We have a proven record of ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget and our operatives are all highly trained.


What is soft strip demolition?

Soft Strip Demolition is the common name of non-structural demolition. Non-structural demolition allows for non-structural items to be removed from a building without demolition of the building’s structure.

Soft strip may be required for a re-fit or refurbishment of a commercial unit or perhaps for the full renovation of a house. Soft strip can include (but is not limited to) removal of internal temporary walls, removal of computer floors and mezzanine floors, false ceilings and grid, partition walls, doors and door frames, plaster ceilings, breeze block walls and windows and window frames.


Noise and dust suppression

Where possible, windows are left in place to minimise noise and dust released from within the buildings during the soft strip demolition. If required, windows are removed at the final stage. We are also able to utilise airless sprayers and other methods of water spraying to suppress dust. We also carry out asbestos removal during soft strip demolition.


Up to 95% of materials recycled

We aim to recycle up to 98% of products once removed during the soft strip demolition project, including reintroducing metals back in to the market, concrete crushing for use in future building projects and also timber and plastics.