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Asbestos Removal Cost

Asbestos Removal Cost

Asbestos Removal Costs vary depending on the type of material to be removed and the location.

The cost of removing asbestos is a common question received by Absolute Asbestos Solutions Ltd, and the amount charged varies dependent on the types of asbestos concerned, the amount of asbestos that requires removal and the location of the property. The prices quote for the removal of asbestos include the relevant insurance is held and licence, where necessary.

Unlike most asbestos companies, we are upfront with our prices.

Although we are only able to provide approximate figures for the cost of removing asbestos on this website, we hope that this guide will help customers compare the asbestos removal cost with other organisations.

Please note that all prices are based on a 15 mile radius from CO7 7PN, unless otherwise stated. For an accurate quotation please contact us and if possible provide some photographs. Please also note that there may be a discount provided if more than one job is carried out at a time. All prices are subject to VAT at the curre.


 Asbestos Water Tanks

Domestic Water Tank removal and disposal from £190
Domestic Water Tank removal disposal only from £153

 Asbestos Garages and Outbuildings

Dismantling and Disposal of Asbestos Cement Garage Roof (single) from £480
Disposal only of Asbestos Cement Garage Roof and sides (single) from £800
Dismantling and Disposal of internal garage Insulation Board Ceiling from £1500
Dismantling and Disposal of Asbestos Cement Garage Roof (double) from £856.80
Disposal only of Asbestos Cement Garage Roof and sides (double) from £1836

Asbestos Surveys

1-2 Bed Flat from £180
1-3 Bed Terrace from £220
1-3 Bed Detached from £220
1-3 Bed Semi from £220
4-5 Bed Detached from £290
6 (or over) Bed Detached from £300

Asbestos Removal Cost avoidance

In some cases, it’s not always necessary (or practicable) to removal asbestos. Some asbestos containing materials such as flock can instead be encapsulated to prevent hazardous fibres from being released. This method can be a much better asbestos removal cost.


Asbestos waste collections

In addition to information regarding Asbestos Removal Cost, we also provide an asbestos waste collection only service. Please call for a personalised quotation.


Quotations for removal of asbestos for people buying a property

If you are looking to buy a property, but do not want an asbestos survey carried out of any samples taken, callout is from £35+VAT and includes a written quotation. However, we recommend samples are taken of any suspected materials as quotations without confirmation are based on assumed asbestos presence. It is not possible to correctly identify a material as containing asbestos without having a sample tested.

Asbestos Removal costs

An examples of a pile of rubbish, containing broken asbestos materials