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Asbestos Garage Removal

Asbestos Garage Removal

An example of where asbestos containing materials can be found in a garage

Before asbestos was discovered to be hazardous to health the product was used to build garages as it was cheap, light and provided good insulation from the elements. Asbestos garages and outbuilding are very common across the United Kingdom and usually contain asbestos cement roof sheets and internal or external asbestos cement panels. Whether your looking to have an asbestos garage removed in full or just asbestos roof removal we are are here to help.

It is a common misconception that Asbestos Garage Removal can only be carried out my a local authority. In fact, local authorities rarely carry out such work. Garages constructed from asbestos are usually made from asbestos cement, although some may include asbestos insulating board which must be disposed of by a professional asbestos company.

Some outbuildings may also contain asbestos insulating board which must be removed by a licensed asbestos contractor. We can remove all asbestos containing materials from roof only to full demolition down to concrete slab level.

All asbestos garage removal contracts are undertaken in consideration of all Regulations and Laws. The asbestos isn’t broken or drilled and therefore poses no risk to the public. The recovered asbestos is wrapped in a specialist heavy-duty polyurethane and then carefully removed from site when it is disposed of in a specialist asbestos waste centre.

Any property built up until the 2000 may have an asbestos garage on site (including council houses) and it is recommended that you source a Health & Safety Executive certified asbestos garage removal company to remove and dispose of the material. Doing so means that you eradicate any risk to human health whilst at the same time ensure that the environment is protected. Modern concrete garages no longer include asbestos in their roof construction favouring to use reinforced cement fibre. Neither material may be recognized by any marks and only laboratory analysis shows if asbestos is present.

Absolute Asbestos Solutions Ltd provide Asbestos Garage Removal across the South, South East and London. We are able to demolish and remove any asbestos building within Health & Safety Executive and the Environment Agency guidelines.


garage removal

An example of a non-asbestos garage

Non-asbestos garage removal

Absolute Asbestos Solutions Ltd also carry our removal and demolition of non-asbestos garages, such as those made from metal and timber. For more information, please call us for a quotation.


We offer a range of asbestos garage removal services including:

  • waste removal only
  • corrugated roof removal
  • corrugated roof removal and side demolition
  • full demolition including concrete slab

Asbestos cannot be recycled and it is an offence to reuse it. Asbestos must never be crushed or broken by an unqualified person. You should never mix asbestos with other types of waste or dispose of it in your domestic refuse collection. Remember: The law says that material should always be presumed as containing asbestos unless it can be confirmed otherwise by a competent person.

To speak to someone regarding our full range of asbestos solutions or to talk more about our asbestos garage removal and surveying service, please call us on 01206 23 33 53 and we will be happy to advise you further.